Apr 02 2014


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If you ever see a folder or a file somewhere called ‘other’, it’s probably something really interesting. Especially if it’s from an interesting person. It may be something that exists where it shouldn’t be, or something that isn’t meant for you to see, hidden in plain sight, camouflaged amongst things with more immediately descriptive names. Taxes. Photos. Expenses. Work Documents. Crap I Store For No Reason. Music. Movies. Other. What else is there that wouldn’t be allocated to a more descriptive folder already? Oh, it’s nothing, really. Just.. nothing.

It’s something that I don’t want you to know about. It’s a secretive thing that I hold close because you’d ask questions that I don’t want to answer, or don’t want to admit that I don’t have an answer to. It’s a surprise. It’s a half-finished masterpiece that’s not ready for the world. It’s some musings that have yet to be stitched together. It’s not for you.

It’s the singularly most horrifying and revealing thing about me, something that will make you question everything you thought you knew about me, and throw it all into a weird and uncomfortable new context.

Or it’s mostly recipes I want to try some time and sheet music for songs I might want to play one day, but will probably never get around to either.

Nov 04 2013


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I thought I’d share something amusing I just found. My car has a sensor on it for the washer fluid to tell me when it’s emtpy, but for ages now the light’s been on but it’s had plenty in it. In the dim recesses of my mind I recall that the only time the light wasn’t on was when it was actually empty, so I figured maybe it was just wired backwards or something. I found though that it was something altogether more amusing than that, but first.. some how stuff works.

Basically there’s a float on the end of a lever that is raised up by the water level to close against a flap. Pretty basic really, but here’s an explaination anyway.

So why wasn’t it working? It’d rotated so that it was upside down! Gravity would close it when it was emtpy, the water would push it open when it was full. A quick twist, and no more warning LED. Bonza. All I need to do now is find out why the fuel level is so pessimistic.. somehow I don’t think it’ll be quick so easy…

Oct 22 2013

ok, shut your face

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So I went to Israel last week for some work training. Our head office is in Tel Aviv, see. Good hummous. It took about 36 hours to get there (SYD > BKK: 10 hours; 8 hour layover; BKK > AMM: 9 hours; 5 hour layover; 1.5 hour delay; AMM > TLV: 0.5 hour plus jerking about in airports before/after) which is a long arse time, then when I got off the plane I was randomly selected for immediate rapid fire grilling from a security guy (why are you here, where did you come from, why is your passport empty, where are you staying, how are you getting about etc). Immigration and customs were super quick and easy though, then it was out the front to confuse the cabbie (there is no street there!) before landing at the hotel. Nice hotel, walking distance to the office and close enough to the beach that once I found my co-worker we could saunter down to the beach for beers, sunset and deep fried goodness. A good way to drop into things.

The local brew is called Goldstar by the way, and it’s not bad at all. Many were consumed over the course of the week. We also on one night found a craft beer stall that had some great red ale. That was extensively sample for quality assurance purposes. This stall was in the old port of Jaffa (4000+ years old that is) that we’d had a tour about in earlier that night. Nice place, populated by artists and an orange tree that’s suspended in a clay blob. As you do.

Getting about Tel Aviv was pretty easy, we mostly walked places as we had a nice central location. There’s a lot of scooters there, we kept walking past a scooter parking strip that seemed to also be a place to strip mine scooters for parts. There were a few there that had been seriously lightened. The hotel we were at is in the Azraeli towers, which is across the road from the main IDF base. This means that the were a lot of young adults wandering about in uniform – everyone in Israel has to do national service, including the ladies. This has the upside of ensuring that the people are very fit – there were ladies there seriously rocking the baggy uniform look. Some were accessorising with an M16.

So one thing that everyone told me about Israel is that leaving is harder than entering, as the security process at the airport are rigid and extensive. It was made easier for me because I had a mokdan – basically work registered me as one of the good guys, so I had less scrutineering through the security checks. My colleague didn’t have this, so he was not so lucky. Basically once we had some light interrogation our check-in bags were scanned, then his was opened and physically searched to make sure he had all his socks with him. We then could check in and move on to the usual screening (x-ray the carry on, metal detector, like that) where he had another long chat with the security personel and showed off all the stuff he had with him. They were very curious. No-one won a free prostate exam this time around, but maybe next time we visit our luck will change.

So anyway, that was that. It was a fun trip, the training was good, and it was nice to meet people I’ve been emailing over the past year and a half. Also hummus. Not enough garlic in it, but otherwise tasty.

Oct 22 2013

highly factual chicken pie

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This is a recipe for a big, dense chicken pie.

1. Dice into chunks 3 chicken breasts (skinless) – about 1kg.
2. Marinade for a few hours in a mixture of olive oil, white wine, soy sauce, honey, ginger, garlic and french mustard.
3. Roll chunks in flour and brown in a large saucepan with some olive oil.
4. Remove, set aside.
5. Chop/dice:
- 1 onion
- 1 carrot
- 0.5 zucchini
- 7-8 button mushrooms
- 1 spring onion
- bit pf pumpkin
- 3 rashers of bacon
- 1 can of corn kernels
(You probably don’t have to chop that last one.)
6. Place in frypan and soften bacon and onion. Add the rest of the vegies and lightly fry
7. Add in ~350mL chicken stock, bring to boil and simmer for about 10 minutes.
8. Add chicken chunks and simmer, stirring occasionally. Reduce until consistency is right – not sloppy but not dry. (Can add more chicken stock/marinade if required)
9. Grease a honking great pie tin with butter
10. Lince base, then sides (press to join sides to base) with shortcrust pastry.
11. Pour chicken and vege mix in.
12. Place sheet of pasty over top and press down at sides to seal. Trim hanging bits.
13. Prick top with numourous holes, then brush with milk
14. Cook pie in pre-heated oven (180C) until pastry is golden brown. Turn off oven and leave pie in.
15. After an undisclosed period of time, remove pie and do with it what you will. We don’t judge around here.

If you’re cooking this early you can reheat in the oven at 150C. If the pie tin has removable sides, remove them for reheating to crisp up the sides.

Last I had it this was a pretty delectable pie. The contents can be adjusted for taste/what’s in the fridge, so go nuts. Also, invite me ’round when you make it.

Aug 12 2013

ze table to end all tables

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Hi gang! I made a table! It has buttons!

It’s basically a table with a PC inside and some custom controller work.

It’s my old desktop PC running Windows 8 with MAME and Steam installed for game delivery services and a pair of 19″ screens in there. They’re currently outputting as mirrored so that single screen PC games will display on both. It’s possible to have MAME use them as two separate screens which is all well and great (for VS games for example), but it’d break PC based games like Streets of Rage Remake.

The monitor stands are actually designed to hang a screen from under a cabinet or similar like that, but they are just tall enough to use them in this fashion. It’s a Bratek dealie. They also make height adjustable ones that would likely work for bigger screens.

The button layout is based on a standard Sega Japanese arcade cab button layout, but I had to play with the spacing as the buttons I bought are a little bigger than those templated with. Also I went with 6 buttons because.. reasons. It seemed like the things to do at the time. You’ll also see that I didn’t leave enough room to add more buttons in the future. Planning ahead is boring, I live in the now! You can find all sorts of button layout templates here. Shout out to JJ for the advice on all that.

The buttons are all wired back to the keyboard encoder you can see in the earlier picture of the guts. Marvel at my super pro wiring job. The encoder is a KeyWiz ST 40 – it’s basically a PS/2 keyboard, but the keys are wired back to the sticks and buttons. It’s super effective! I also have a little wireless keyboard/trackball combo for doing the windows things.

So that’s it! In a nutshell it’s a box on legs with a wooden frame lid with glass inserts, with the controllers hanging off the side. The box and controllers are made from 12mm ply, the rest is various widths of 19mm pine. Nothing fancy. If I did it again I might plan the inside better – it’s a little tight to fit it all in. I pretty much sized it around the angle of the screens (and got it wrong because they were initially too shallow) and decided that everything else would probably be fine. It was.. just! Anyway, it’s awesome so come visit and we’ll play some Street Fighter.

May 27 2013


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I made sausage rolls. This is the recipe.

In a large mixing bowl: 1kg sausage mince and 1kg normal beef mince with 1 carrot, 1 onion, 7 button mushrooms and 7 cloves of garlic, all finely diced. Add a dash of soy sauce (or fish sauce or bbq sauce..) 1 egg and.. whatever else to taste. Food processor kicks bottom with this.

Mix with hands until homogenous.

Take a handful of mixture and roll in flour until an even roll – the length of a pastry sheet. Repeat ad nauseum.. should be about 12-14 of them.

Thaw 6 or 7 sheets of puff pastry. (presuming a sheet is about 25-30cm square)

Place a roll o’ filling on one end of a thawed pastry sheet. Roll over until sealed, it should be half a sheet. Slice through and do the same with the other half of the sheet.

Cut into two or three rolls, depending on whim. 4 if you want party size nibbley ones. Score the top a few times across them, about 7mm apart. Tamp the ends down gently.
Repeat until all mix is wrapped.

Place all onto a baking tray greased with butter, making sure they’re separated.. they’ll expand. Recommend you line the tray with alfoil. Brush them all with some beaten egg.

Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180 C, then reduce to 100 when pastry is golden brown. Leave in oven to cool. Recommend you put a drip tray in place…

Admire and consume tasty handywork. Freeze the ones you don’t eat to be consumed later.. will be nicely warmed in the oven when you want them.. (microwave for 2 mins on medium then oven until the middle is warm)

Click here.

Also I made a pasta bake.

So it turns out that these Vine things are kinda great if you do em right. Who’da thunk it?!

May 03 2013

action pope news

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Apr 29 2013

visual joke

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Thoughts that come in the shower.


Jan 11 2013


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Several people have enquired about my hummous recipe lately, so I figured it’d make a good first post of the year. You’ll need a nice food processor for this.. I tried with a stab mixer once, it was an utter failure. Also I once killed a mate’s food processor making this.. it’s powerful stuff!

Basically, put all these in the food processor and thoroughly mulch.

3 cans of chic peas
2/3 of a jar of tahini
At least 1 bulb of garlic
Juice of 4 lemons
Splash of extra virgin olive oil
About a tablespoon of paprika
About half a tablespoon of cumin
Crack of salt & pepper

Adjust things to taste. The lemon juice makes it fluffy so it’s important to get it right. The taste of it should just come through. Garlic is also to taste, I like to go for at least 1.5 bulbs, sometimes 2, depending on intensity. If it tastes a little bland but has enough lemon juice, try adding more paprika. For best results, leave in the fridge for a few hours prior to consuming. It lets the flavours soak in together. Serve on crackers or warm, fresh bread. Or rub under armpits, that’s also good.

Happy new deer!

Sep 08 2012

moon dog macguava

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Moon Dog MacGuava. A guava-ey wit beer. Interesting.. Worth a shot.

Apologies for the sideways pic.. I tryed a new method of posting via phone, turns out it ignores the orientation.. and also I’m too lazy to mend it.

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