Mar 04 2012

brown gold

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So, cawfee, like, it’s cawfee, ya dig? It’s what makes the industry I’m in [IT] run. Don’t call a meeting with the technical sides before 10am else you’ll end up with yawning hypercynics who don’t want to hear anything at all ever. 10am is similar, only with things improving as the coffee cups empty. Anything in the morning goes from 20% attendance to 80% attendance with the mention of coffee in the meeting invite.. add bacon and egg rolls to entice the rest. So with the enthusiasm for other beverages on this blog, why don’t I have a coffee section? I will tell you. In good time. Now is a good time. I actually get my coffee from cafes with great staff as much as great coffee. There’s a place near work that has lovely people but kinda crappy coffee that I will go to with regularity as they have a ‘yummy roll’ that contains not only bacon and egg, but hash browns and cheese as well [8/10]. The observent [and early enough] can tell when I get to with with a hangover, as I will invariably wander in with one. If it’s a really bad one, I won’t finish the coffee.. coffee makes my hangovers worse, they’re all wongly belly and caffiene seems to exacerbate things. Having half a coffee gives me a midway point between errrgh and caffiene withdrawal headaches. Don’t judge me.

So anyway, the point is that they’re lovely up there and they know what I want as soon as I stagger in. If I want only coffee then I’ll go upstairs to the cafe in the work building and get one there.. they have bacon/egg offerings as well, but they’re not as good [7/10]. My favoured way to coffee in the mornings now is to stop in at True Religion in Balmain and pick up a coffee and savoury muffin [it's good for you!], wodge the cup into the holder upon the Bonnie or in a pocket of my bag if it’s a beastie day, and have it at lovely drinking therms when I hit work. On them, their bacon & egg rolls are actually the greatest. Lovely free range eggs, delicious herb’d roll, nice bacon.. mucheo recommendato [9/10].

So anyway, the point was missed again there. The point is that there’s no coffee section because most of the time I go to a nearby coffee place that has nice people with nice coffee, it’s not just for the coffee. Or something. Basically I’ve selected my coffee places either because they’re close to work and good enough, or close to home and serve excellent coffee. The Balmain crop are Bertoni and True Religion, the work picks are unremarkable so whatevs. If you want a pick of the cafes in Balmain for stopping in for a sit down meal, go to Bar Contessa. They pretty much round out the trifecta of food, coffee and place better than the rest. Tell em I said ‘hi’. The puzzled looks will be amusing.

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