Aug 12 2013

ze table to end all tables

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Hi gang! I made a table! It has buttons!

It’s basically a table with a PC inside and some custom controller work.

It’s my old desktop PC running Windows 8 with MAME and Steam installed for game delivery services and a pair of 19″ screens in there. They’re currently outputting as mirrored so that single screen PC games will display on both. It’s possible to have MAME use them as two separate screens which is all well and great (for VS games for example), but it’d break PC based games like Streets of Rage Remake.

The monitor stands are actually designed to hang a screen from under a cabinet or similar like that, but they are just tall enough to use them in this fashion. It’s a Bratek dealie. They also make height adjustable ones that would likely work for bigger screens.

The button layout is based on a standard Sega Japanese arcade cab button layout, but I had to play with the spacing as the buttons I bought are a little bigger than those templated with. Also I went with 6 buttons because.. reasons. It seemed like the things to do at the time. You’ll also see that I didn’t leave enough room to add more buttons in the future. Planning ahead is boring, I live in the now! You can find all sorts of button layout templates here. Shout out to JJ for the advice on all that.

The buttons are all wired back to the keyboard encoder you can see in the earlier picture of the guts. Marvel at my super pro wiring job. The encoder is a KeyWiz ST 40 – it’s basically a PS/2 keyboard, but the keys are wired back to the sticks and buttons. It’s super effective! I also have a little wireless keyboard/trackball combo for doing the windows things.

So that’s it! In a nutshell it’s a box on legs with a wooden frame lid with glass inserts, with the controllers hanging off the side. The box and controllers are made from 12mm ply, the rest is various widths of 19mm pine. Nothing fancy. If I did it again I might plan the inside better – it’s a little tight to fit it all in. I pretty much sized it around the angle of the screens (and got it wrong because they were initially too shallow) and decided that everything else would probably be fine. It was.. just! Anyway, it’s awesome so come visit and we’ll play some Street Fighter.

2 Responses to “ze table to end all tables”

  1. Juuz says:

    Wow, good job dood, looks terrif! Are you gonna do some kinda finish painty jobbo or leave it raw and untamed much like yourself?

  2. Zoltan says:

    That is awesum, Uncle Pi.